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Featured Links

Arthur M. Young (www.arthuryoung.com)
Learn about ongoing work to extend Arthur M. Young's "Theory of Process" into new areas from medicine, cognitive science, brain research and cellular biology to developmental psychology, problem solving and organizational planning.

Attorney Michael H. Cohen (www.michaelhcohen.com)
Attorney Michael H. Cohen specializes in alternative, complementary, and integrative medicine. His Complementary and Alternative Medicine Law Blog (www.camlawblog.com) and Institute for Integrative and Energy Medicine (www.ihelps.org) offer law and policy resources for the alternative, complementary and integrative health care community.

Caregiver Stress: Remembering to Take Care of Yourself (adrenalfatiguesolution.com)
Caregiving can be a very rewarding job, but unfortunately stress among caregivers is extremely common. Ignoring the symptoms of stress can eventually affect physical and mental health, but following some simple stress management tips can make a big difference.

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine (www.cmbm.org)
The Center for Mind-Body Medicine is a non-profit educational organization founded by James S. Gordon, MD. Our mission is to train healthcare professionals to combine the precision of modern science with the principles of self care, which include mind-body techniques for stress management and nutritional medicine to help people heal themselves, their clients, families and communities. The Center's Cancer Guides professional training and Comprehensive Cancer Care Conferences have been serving the cancer community for the past 7 years.

Corporate Health Improvement Program, University of Arizona Program in Integrative Medicine (integrativemedicine.arizona.edu/chip.html)
Corporate Health Improvement Program (CHIP) is a collaborative research and development program conducted between the University of Arizona School of Medicine and major corporations. For more information, click the link above, or visit the CHIP section of this site.

A Family Guide to Safety in Illinois NURSING HOMES (www.salvilaw.com/nursing-home-guide/)
A guide to help you identify the right nursing home for your family. You can also learn how to recognize and respond to abuse and neglect, including reporting it, taking legal action and, ultimately, finding a new home for your loved one.

The Healing Mind: your guide to the art & science of Mind/Body healing (www.thehealingmind.org)
Find out how learning relaxation, and guided imagery techniques can help to stimulate healing, solve problems, and help to change behaviors that effect your health.

Mapping U.S. Elder Care Facilities (www.formyparent.com/eldersafety/)
A map was created in order to show some general statistics about nursing homes throughout the USA, including the states with the highest numbers of complaints, those with the best health scores, and other important data.

Dr. Hyman: Medicine for the Future (www.drhyman.com)
Dr. Hyman helps you navigate through health problems within an entirely new frame of reference, one that allows people to understand and address the causes of disease and ill health rather than just treating their symptoms.

Homeopathic Educational Services (www.homeopathic.com)
Access to 100+ free articles on homeopathy plus an online catalog of hundreds of books, tapes, medicines, software, and courses. Owner of Homeopathic Educational Services: Dana Ullman, MPH, author of 9 books on homeopathy and leading spokesperson for the field.

Mesothelioma Facts (www.asbestos.com/mesothelioma/facts-statistics.php)
An up-to-date resource for all mesothelioma issues ranging from mesothelioma diagnosis to treatment options.

Mesothelioma Group (www.mesotheliomagroup.com)
The Mesothelioma Group is an organization dedicated to increasing mesothelioma awareness.

Mesothelioma Help (mesotheliomahelp.org)
Mesothelioma Help connects patients and caregivers offering valuable information about support for Mesothelioma patients and families

Mesothelioma Lawyer Center (mesotheliomalawyercenter.org)
This site contains a lot of up to date information about Mesothelioma including symptoms, treatment options, and legal options for those who have been affected.

Mesothelioma Resource (www.mesothelioma.com/mesothelioma/articles/cancer-resource-mesothelioma.htm)
A significant resource on Mesothelioma containing information on causes, symptoms, treatment and more.

An Introduction to Alternative Medicine
An overview of Alternative Medicine and the differences between Conventional, Alternative, and Complementary Medicine.

Milz Solutions for Health (www.helmutmilz.de/english_home.htm)
Helmut Milz, MD, holds specialty degrees in psychosomatic medicine, psychotherapy and general medicine, is a Prof.of Health Sciences , University of Bremen, former consultant to the WHO Health Promotion Programme, explored different pioneering somatic methods with their originators, is author of various books on Holistic Medicine, Somatics and Health Promotion. 

On his website he has created an extensive link-network in the field of integrated health care, containing information about significant experts, research and literature in the field.

Quit Smoking with Alternative Medicine (www.quitday.org/quit-smoking/alternative-medicine/)
Quitting with alternative medicine: meditation, hypnotism, and natural healing.

Skin Cancer Causes (www.worldmedassist.com/skin-cancer-causes/)
People get skin cancer for several reasons and diagnosing the condition early can prolong a person’s life. People diagnosed with melanoma improve their chances of survival in five years by 98% if they receive an early diagnosis.

Skin Cancer Information and Resources (www.cleure.com/Skin-Cancer-Information-and-Resources-s/447.htm)
Skin cancer is a common problem that results in roughly one million new diagnoses annually in the U.S. Of all cancers, it is the most common; however, it only causes less than one percent of all cancer deaths. One of the reasons for this is that it is often curable if found early enough.

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