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"Dr. Pelletier has redefined health as an expression of higher states of consciousness. His book is bound to become a classic and serve as the authoritative work for all of us who are interested in exploring the unbounded potential and creativity of human life."

- Deepak Chopra MD author of Ageless Body, Timeless Mind and Quantum Healing
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Sound Mind, Sound Body
A New Model for Lifelong Health

by Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier

Sound Mind, Sound Body; A new model for lifelong health - click to order Almost 20 years after his bestselling book Mind as Healer, Mind as Slayer transformed our understanding of disease prevention and the effects of stress on the immune system, Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier's latest work, Sound Mind, Sound Body, offers a dramatic new approach to understanding personal health.

Lifelong good health, says Dr. Pelletier, is far more dependent on a positive, purposeful life orientation than on aerobic workouts and regimented low-fat diets. This extraordinary revelation is based on a wide body of recent research findings, as well as Dr. Pelletier's own five-year Rockefeller-funded study of 51 prominent men and women who have made major contributions to the world beyond their own personal success and security—including Lindsay Wagner, Norman Lear, and Congresswoman Claudine Schneider.

Dr. Pelletier challenges the medical community's long-accepted focus on the "disease model" and proposes a positive new health paradigm. Sound Mind, Sound Body examines the lives of people who are rarely ill, who manage aging successfully, or who cope extremely well with both acute and chronic illness—and describes how they do it. Among Dr. Pelletier's fascinating findings:

  • People who overcome serious illness or physical trauma in childhood are often actually strengthened—not debilitated—by the experience.
  • People who enjoy a sense of belonging and a real connection with other people generally pass through periods of intense stress and exposure to health hazards and remain untouched by illness.
  • Altruistic work is closely related to the ability to overcome life-threatening crises and disease.
  • There is a healthy way of being ill, which can help a person manage such chronic problems as arthritis and heart disease.

"In Sound Mind, Sound Body, Dr. Pelletier outlines a new model of health that describes the relationship between spiritual values and optimal health as they relate to inner fulfillment and outer success. It is a fascinating work."

-- Dean Ornish, M.D.,
author of Eat More, Weigh Less and
Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease

Filled with true stories that will both surprise and inspire, Sound Mind, Sound Body is a testament to the human capacity for striking a vital balance of a sound mind and a sound body—and for growing and to facing new challenges with conviction. It explores how personal health practices and a sense of meaningful purpose play a major role in both inner fulfillment and professional success, and offers practical, effective techniques to help anyone achieve physical, mental, and emotional equilibrium and enjoy a lifetime of optimal health.

Findings in this book are based on a 5 year research project funded by Laurance S. Rockefeller. Throughout the book are extensive interviews with such prominent individuals as David Rockefeller, Norman Cousins, film producer Saul Zaentz, philanthropist Gordon Getty, James Burke of Johnson & Johnson, Dr Dorothea Johnson of AT&T, actress Lindsay Wagner, philanthropist John E. Fetzer, designer Ms Laurel Burch, Nobel laureate Dr Murray Gell-Mann, publisher T. George Harris, philosopher and author Gregory Bateson, actor Dennis Weaver, entrerepneur Paul Hawken, architect John L. Tishman, founder of Midas Muffler and entrepreneur Gordon Sherman, Apple Computer president John Sculley, and many other prominent individuals describing their lifelong evolution toward the balance of sound mind and sound body.

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